Kim Varner Wetzel shares her time and talents on the Outreach Team. Let’s learn a little more about her today!

HFC: What do you do when you’re not starting a grocery store?
Kim: I work part-time as an environmental planner for the engineering firm Jacobs. Our family is new to the area, so we’re exploring all the mountains, trails and beaches we can find.

HFC: What work do you do as an HFC volunteer?
Kim: I sit on the Outreach Team. My pet projects are the wine tastings to try to “pair” our local growers with future co-op member-owners. If I was willing to invest in a store without a storefront, there must be other wine lovers who would do it too.

HFC: Why did you choose to volunteer with the co-op?
Kim: I learned about cooperatives in grad school. Visiting the Ann Arbor Food Co-op gave me an instant connection to my neighborhood even though I was too busy to meet my growers or neighbors. When I saw the Hillsboro Food Co-op signs all over my neighborhood, I knew I had to help.

HFC: What do you love about volunteering with HFC?
Kim: I love my Outreach teammates!

HFC: What do you look forward to the most when HFC is open?
Kim: I want to buy Willamette Valley products every day of the week. Not just Saturdays downtown.

We are thankful for Kim’s commitment to the HFC startup!