What’s to love about food co-ops?

Check out this two-minute infographic demonstrating just a few of the social, economic, and environmental impacts that food co-ops have on their local communities.

There is a lot to love about food co-ops!

Here are a few reasons some of our member-owners love being a part of a food co-op even before the doors are open.

“I love that as a member I will be helping to connect shoppers to our awesome local food system here in the Tualatin and Willamette valleys, strengthening our community and keeping profits local.”

“Membership, in itself, is a benefit. By being a member, you are the OWNER of a corporation that puts people before profit. As a member, you are part of an organization whose mission is to provide high quality, local food while strengthening the local food system and the local economy.”

“By working together, we can build the ideal store for our area. Collaborating along the way with member-owners and local growers and producers – large and small!”

It is through community investment that a food co-op can grow from a dream to reality.

If you are ready to have a grocery store that you can really love, we hope that you’ll own a grocery store with your neighbors and bring us another step closer to opening day!