In this post, we are pleased to introduce Chuck Underwood, a member of the Outreach Team!

HFC: What do you do when you’re not starting a grocery store?
Chuck: I am actually a full-time food blogger. I started my blog Brand New Vegan in 2013 after I switched to a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet in order to share my recipes with others who may be interested.

HFC: What work do you do as an HFC volunteer?
Chuck: I sit on the Outreach Team. I write the HFC Blog Posts as well as help with the Newsletter and Social Media.

HFC: Why did you choose to volunteer with the co-op?
Chuck: I love giving back to my community however I can. Years ago when I was self-employed in Forest Grove I was a member of the Rotary Club and I really missed the friendships and camaraderie we had after I went back to work.

HFC: What do you love about volunteering with HFC?
Chuck: Learning just what all goes into starting up a Grocery Store! It’s a lot of work and commitment, but my teammates are there to help me anytime I need them!

HFC: What do you look forward to the most when HFC is open?
Chuck: I’ve Vegan so that would have to be fresh local produce!

Thank you, Chuck, for doing your part to grow our community-owned grocery store!