Hillsboro Food Co-op

About Us

Hillsboro Food Co-op is a cooperative grocery store start-up coming to downtown Hillsboro, Oregon. The Co-op became incorporated with the State of Oregon in 2014. Today the Board of Directors continues to be comprised entirely of volunteers who are passionate about bringing a grocery cooperative to downtown Hillsboro. In 2018, after gaining support of over 300 member-owners, the Board expanded to 8 volunteer members. View the Board of Directors. In 2019, after gaining support of over 500 member-owners, the Board began working toward completing a Market Study and launching a Capital Campaign.

The Board is working under the guidance of a national nonprofit consulting firm, Food Co-op Initiative (FCI). The initiative was formed with the specific function of helping startup food cooperatives. Under the model provided by FCI, reaching the 500 member-owner milestone signifies reaching the latter phase of the Feasibility and Planning Stage.
Learn more: https://www.fci.coop/

With increased support, the Co-op has been able to stay on-pace with FCI’s recommendations.
To read quarterly progress updates from the board, visit our blog.

To learn more about what the Co-op is doing currently, like us on Facebook and sign up for the newsletter. Board meetings are always open to the public. View our calendar.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

We envision a community-owned grocery store that provides thoughtfully selected products, connects shoppers to our local food system, and strengthens our community.

Our Mission

Through the feasibility and planning stage of our development, we will follow our mission to mobilize our community to open a cooperatively-owned grocery store in Hillsboro that supports our region.

Our Values

We will have a store (staff, building, and selection) that demonstrates empathy and inclusiveness. We are a
compassionate group of community members who care about our neighbors.

The impact that even small choices have on our local ecology and the earth’s environment, is at the forefront of our consciousness, so we will incorporate sustainable systems, procedures, and products into our best practices.

We strive to be intentional and honest in all our business decisions. We will create an atmosphere of transparency that will encourage new and potential owners to want to invest both time and money in growing the business.

We know that the cooperative model means engaging our owners and connecting with our community leaders, local government, other cooperatives, and partners in the grocery/food industry to make the best decisions for our organization’s development and sustainability.

Because of our co-op…

  • Our community will have access to healthy food offered at fair prices.
  • Our local farmers, bakers, and artisans will have a new option for selling their products.
  • We will improve our community through outreach, charitable contributions, and investments in local products.
  • Our region will become more aware of food, environmental and sustainability issues.
  • Owners, shoppers, staff, local farmers and producers, community members, and community organizations will all have a co-op that supports them in a myriad of ways.

The Co-op is incorporated with cooperative business status in the State of Oregon. Unlike most corporations, shareholders of the Co-op are community members who are investing in their community through grocery store ownership. Through the purchase a $200 member share, and individual becomes a Co-op member-owner. Member-owners have a say in the business decisions the Co-op makes both through voting in elections and by reaching out to the Board of Directors which is composed of elected member-owners who have volunteered to represent the whole body of member-owners. Additionally, the Co-op will return surplus revenue to its members in proportion to how much they use the Co-op through patronage dividends.

Momentum is building, and you can play a part. We hope that you’ll join us!