Our Vision

We envision a community-owned grocery store that provides thoughtfully selected products, connects shoppers to our local food system, and strengthens our community.

Our Mission

Through the feasibility and planning stage of our development, we will follow our mission to mobilize our community to open a cooperatively-owned grocery store in Hillsboro that supports our region.

Our Values

  • CARE
    We extend compassion and care to our neighbors, and our store (building, staff, and selection) will demonstrate empathy and inclusiveness of the community.
    We prioritize systems, procedures, and products that protect and regenerate the natural world.
    We communicate with our owners, community leaders, local government, other cooperatives, and partners in the grocery/food industry about how to develop our co-op into a financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable business.
    We create trust within the Co-op through honesty and intentionality which encourages owners to invest their time, energy, and money into helping the Co-op flourish.