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Mail a check with your printed application to:
Hillsboro Food Co-op
PO Box 3953
Hillsboro, OR 97123

(please no cash or money orders)

Why Join?

We are shoppers who want a say in where our food comes from. We are investors in our local economy as co-ops are capable of generating greater returns than conventional grocers.

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

A full equity share is $200 for one individual. Payments can be made in full or through a payment plan. The membership can be used by all individuals in the household, but only the member who signed up is able to vote in elections.

What if the $200 Member Share Price is a Barrier to Me?

There are monthly and quarterly payment plans available. You can be a member for as little as $20 each calendar quarter until the full $200 amount is paid!

Additionally, if you qualify for SNAP, WIC, or any other food assistance program, there may be funds available to help you join! Learn more about our Sponsored Ownership Program here.

Member-Owner Benefits

  • At this stage, member-owners can revel in having invested in a progressive social enterprise. Member-owner benefits will continue to develop as the store is established.
  • Perks from a variety of HFC Owner Businesses.
  • In keeping with our core values of connecting our community through intentionally sourced groceries, member-owners are invited to participate in the Azure Standard drop site on Birchwood Drive in Hillsboro. Azure Standard specializes in natural, organic, earth-friendly foods and products. Their prices are competitive, especially when items are purchased in bulk. Members order and pay for products online. Email Karen at [email protected] to participate.