At the Annual Meeting in April, we talked about how we can work together to help get HFC open as soon as possible.

Here are a variety of ways anyone can help!

  1. Find your #hfcplusone 
    • By inviting a friend to join or even giving the gift of HFC membership, you provide both capital and social support needed to continue.
  2. Volunteer 
    • Our volunteer coordinator, Michelle Mitchell, is always ready to connect people to volunteer positions. You can reach Michelle at [email protected].
    • If you know you like to feel connected and part of a community of volunteers, jump on in and join others at a Board or Outreach Team meeting! You’ll be amazed by how much more we can do with more hands!
  3. React to, Comment on, or Share HFC posts on Facebook.
    • Say you’re interested in events, even if you can’t go! The more people interact with our page, the more Facebook will share our posts with others which helps get the word out!
  4. Grab some HFC brochures
    • Share them with your neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers. Let them know why you are excited to shop at HFC!
  5. Invite HFC to tabling or speaking opportunities 
    • Whether it be brown bag lunches at work, information fairs, or presentations at community groups, we make it a priority to send a volunteer where we are invited. Have an opportunity for us? Email us at [email protected].

Always remember: It’s YOUR store!

Your participation makes a difference!