In 2018, the Board’s primary focuses included:

  • Professional rebranding
  • Updating the website
  • Continued development of organizational capacity
  • Business development strategy in alignment with the Food Co-op Initiative startup model
  • Creating a strategic planning roadmap


2018 Financial Update


Check out the graphs below to get a feeling for HFC’s sources and uses of income during 2018.



  • Donations/Fundraising: $825.50
  • Processing Fees & Interest Earned: $238.78
  • Member-Owner Equity Shares: $15,640.00

Total Income: $16,705.00



  • Operating Expenses (includes business registration, tax liability, insurance, facility rent, & communication expenses): $4,649.15
  • Programming  (includes Outreach activities and Annual meeting expenses): $3,154.81
  • Re-branding (includes graphic design, website, and elements of the brand guide): $9,067.81
  • Professional Development (CBLD 101): $775.00
  • Charitable Contributions (SNAP Match): $515.00

Total Expenses $18,161.77



  • Total Assets as of 12/31/2018 : $49,668.88
  • Equity Share Reserves (50% of paid): $36,511.50
  • Cash Available: $13,157.38

2019 Plans

In 2019, the Board plans to:

  • Satisfy initial market feasibility and financial feasibility requirements to better understand business feasibility
  • Strategically increase membership growth with the help of a professional consultant
  • Develop a draft of initial pieces of the HFC business plan

You can view a complete development timeline and goals on our website.

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