An inspirational look at the dedicated and passionate members of the HFC community who are driving us to opening day


Meet Chelsea H!

When and why did she become an owner of HFC?

She became an owner in 2016. When she moved into the Hillsboro area, she found options for groceries were limited. She quickly felt a connection with the local producer community. She recognized the opportunity was ripe for a food co-op that offers food and products from local producers! She thought it would be great to have access to the regional bounty all year long at almost any hour.


A little about Chelsea

She is originally from Southern CA. She happily calls Downtown Hillsboro home now. Through her visits to the Hillsboro Farmers’ Market, she was exposed to all the flavor and variety of heirloom produce. She was inspired to begin growing some of these varieties herself!


In what way(s) does she volunteer for HFC and what does she enjoy about her experiences?

One way she volunteers for HFC is at our community outreach booth that you see at Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets. She likes volunteering at the booth because she is a regular market patron anyway. To combine being at a place she loves and talking to people about why she’s passionate about HFC seemed to make good sense!  Chelsea is also a member of the Outreach Team.


Our volunteers are just like you.  They want thoughtfully produced and sourced foods and products.  They want a place to gather, share, and learn.  They want all people in our community to thrive.  Come work alongside them to build a store that embodies these wonderful things.

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