An inspirational look at the dedicated and passionate members of the HFC community who are driving us to opening day.

Meet Jane Murphy

When and why did you become an owner of HFC?

I became a member-owner in December 2020 because I had recently retired and wanted to give back to our community.

Tell us a little about you.

I am retired but my passion lies in tasting world cuisines like the locals. I’m a traveler and spend my free time dreaming about my next destination. (Photo taken while Jane was visiting a souk in Morocco)

In what way(s) do you volunteer for HFC and what do you enjoy about this experience(s)?

I began by volunteering in 2021 at the Orenco Farmers Market, hoping to entice more Orenco locals to join HFC. I love meeting everyone that approaches our booth, hearing questions, and sharing what the Food Coop hopes to accomplish. I get so excited when a member-owner drops by to say hello and offers a bit of encouragement!