While mere words are never enough, we feel that it is important to officially state that equality, justice, and the elimination of systemic bias and racism is deeply important to Hillsboro Food Co-op. As an emerging cooperative business, Hillsboro Food Co-op is dedicated to following the principle of “Concern for Community” which is one of the tenets of cooperative business and a part of the Seven Cooperative Principles. We view all humans as members of our community, and we believe that the Co-op must actively participate in the movement to create a more just world.

Today we stand with our Black community. We acknowledge that our systems, including our food system, have deep roots in violence against Black people and other peoples of color. We recognize that we have work to do as a Co-op and as a community to address the forms of systemic injustice in our nation against Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, and other marginalized communities.

The HFC Board is committed to re-examining the HFC Values to make sure they clearly reflect HFC’s commitment to equality and inclusivity.

Today and every day, each of us can make a difference by supporting Black-owned businesses and Black-led organizations.

Here are some local options: