An inspirational look at the dedicated and passionate members of the HFC community who are driving us to opening day

Meet Dale!

When and why did you become an owner of HFC?

I joined HFC in November of 2015.  I met Heather Robinson at the HFC booth at the downtown Hillsboro Farmers Market.

As soon as I knew what she represented I wanted to join and be an active participant.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’ve been retired for going on eleven years. My goal for retirement was to volunteer in various capacities.

I volunteered for an organization that made pies to sell to give the profits to Mercy Corp to aid war victims in Iraq and Afghanistan. I volunteered in a Beaverton middle school ESL and remedial reading programs. I also taught adult ESL for eight years. I have been an active volunteer for HFC since joining.

I have a lot of different interests, some of which may border on obsessions…

I like rocks, cast iron cookware, cactuses, and other succulent plants. I have cooked all my adult life. Growing things to eat is very important to me. I place high importance on food that is actually good for you and it is very important to me that food travels as short of a distance as possible. I like my food minimally processed or not processed at all.

These last few things are what bind me to have a cooperative grocery store in Hillsboro.

In what way(s) do you volunteer for HFC and what do you enjoy about this experience(s)?

I was on the HFC Board of Directors for six years. I am a member of the Outreach Team. I represented HFC at farmers’ markets for five years.

My enjoyment derived is purely a love of giving my time to further something I believe in.