An inspirational look at the dedicated and passionate members of the HFC community who are driving us to opening day.

Meet Brandon Iwasaki

When and why did you become an owner of HFC?

I became an owner of HFC in 2016 after moving to Hillsboro for a few months. Previous to moving, I was an owner of the Olympia Food Coop. It was a gem of a store and I was fascinated by how the type of business could support those in the community.

Tell us a little about you.

Being a part of HFC is a natural progression for my interests. In college, I discovered a curiosity for where my food came from and as I’ve gone through my life I recognize the entrepreneurial spirit of the cooperative business model. Food is a big driver in my love of life. And local agriculture promotes greater sustainability and minimizes inputs for getting food into a community.

In what way(s) do you volunteer for HFC and what do you enjoy about this experience(s)?

My current role as President of the Board of Directors means I get to see all the hard work put in by volunteers and contractors helping make our business a reality. I can report there is a lot of activity! It’s been a great learning experience on the different functions of a start-up business, and I really appreciate the work it takes to get it off the ground.