Though the weather outside is frightful, the dream of our community-owned grocery store filled with thoughtfully selected products is delightful! Hillsboro Food Co-op ownership is a unique gift for your friends and family in the community.

Why would someone want the gift of HFC ownership? Because…

  • They are ready for a new grocery store in the Downtown Hillsboro area that brings the community together.
  • They value shopping locally.
  • They love to support local growers and producers.
  • They want to make healthy, thoughtfully-selected products more accessible to our whole community.
  • They care about environmental sustainability.
  • And more!
There are many reasons why HFC ownership might give your loved one warm fuzzies this season. Ready to give the gift? Here’s how:
  • Option 1: Fill out our online application and make an online payment. If you complete this process ahead of time, please email [email protected] to let our volunteers know it was a gift, and we will wait to send a welcome email and letter until after you have delivered your gift!
  • Option 2: Print out our paper application and include a check and pre-addressed stamped envelope with your gift to make things easy.