If you are interested in volunteering or you have questions, please email us.

Every volunteer helps the Co-op grow! Thank you!

Take Minutes at Board Meetings

So that all Board members are able to give their full attention throughout each Board meeting, we would like to recruit a Volunteer Minute Taker. As the volunteer, you would take minutes during the meeting which you would then type up and send to the Board Secretary within three days. Board meetings typically occur the second Tuesday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Volunteer at a Farmers’ Market Booth

Farmers’ Markets have been busy this season with many people showing an interest in Hillsboro Food Co-op! Having a second person at the booth as much of the time as possible will make us able to reach more people. Don’t worry about not knowing the answers to every question, you will be partnered with an experienced volunteer who will be there an can help!

To sign up to volunteer at a market, check out our online signup sheet!

Host a gathering!

Gathering folks together to discuss important issues in a comfortable environment is a great way to grow sustainable and durable support for Hillsboro Food Co-op. Not sure you can answer people’s questions? We will arrange for a Co-op board member to attend and be there to support you. Whether you’re interested in inviting friends over for a potluck, taking a coworker to coffee, or hosting a Lunch & Learn session at your place of business, you can help grow the Co-op!

Click here to download our optional Event Planning Guide, or send us an email to schedule a gathering.

Other Opportunities

To learn about other current opportunities to get involved, please email us.