Member-Owner Perks

Grab your member-owner card and go enjoy the rewards of membership!

Thank you to all local establishments supporting the efforts of the co-op!

Are you a business owner interested in offering a perk? We’d love to hear from you! Please contact

20160818_135230Each member-owner gets one Co-op tote bag as a perk! You can pick up your bag at the Farmers’ Market booth or many of the Co-op’s events. Additional bags can be purchased at $10/bag which is a special price for member-owners!



Azure Standard Drop Point

Azure Standard specializes in natural, organic, earth-friendly foods and products, and their prices tend to be very competitive, especially when you buy items in bulk. Our drop be receiving orders one Thursday each month. Members order and pay for their products online, and then all of the products will be delivered to the drop site on Birchwood Drive. On the delivery day, members will be able to pick up their products between 4pm and 7pm. Already a member-owner? Email Karen at to participate.

Enjoy 10% off your purchase of at least 250 pounds of produce.





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Stoneboat Farm is a family owned, sustainable vegetable farm right here in Hillsboro.  Join them every week, May through October, to share in the harvest by participating in their “you choose” style CSA and pick up right on the farm or at the Sunday Hillsboro Farmers’ Market.  Member-owners who sign up for a CSA share in the 2017 main season will receive two weeks free. For information about the CSA and to sign up for the CSA, visit Stoneboat Farm’s website.


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Enjoy 10% off of your purchase!
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We appreciate our founding member-owners for planting the seed that will grow into a grocery store. For their visionary leadership, the first 300 member-owners names* will be incorporated into artwork in the Hillsboro Food Co-op store once it is open. Our member-owners are making history, and Hillsboro Food Co-op shoppers will be able to remember and thank them throughout the years!

*Remaining anonymous will be an option