Becoming a member-owner today is the best way to help Hillsboro Food Co-op open. By becoming a member-owner, you are making a one-time investment in the co-op that will provide the support and means to continue the start-up process. You are directly contributing to the goal of opening the cooperative storefront. Once you are a member-owner the co-op becomes your store!

An equity share can be purchased for $200. This is a one-time purchase with no additional fees. There are optional payment plans with $20/month and $20/calendar quarter options. We want the Co-op to be accessible to as many people as possible!

Please choose one of the following options for signing up:

  1. Download the Member-Owner Application in PDF form. Fill out the form and mail it, along with a check (please no cash or money orders), to:
    Hillsboro Food Co-op
    PO Box 3953
    Hillsboro, OR 97123
  2. Complete the online form and pay via PayPal. Choosing this option will incur a small additional fee to cover the costs of using PayPal.

Why join today?

Starting a food co-op is a community-involved process. The food co-op cannot open unless it is first supported by a sufficient base of member-owners. Most co-ops aim to have at least 1,000 member-owners prior to opening. By making this one $200 investment, you are helping our community take one more step to having a food co-op open its doors.

One common question that we’ve had is, “What happens if the co-op start-up is not successful?” If the co-op is not successful and is forced to dissolve, all member capital will be redistributed, minus the money spent in the organizational process. The Board of Directors has committed to spending no more than 50% of the overall member account balance until passing the Feasibility Stage. If you invest the full $200, you are guaranteed to receive at least $100 back until we pass the point where we have committed to a location!

If you have further questions about ownership, please read our frequently asked questions.

Any other questions? Please email info@hillsborofood.coop.