Hillsboro Food Co-op is a cooperative grocery store start-up coming to Downtown Hillsboro in Oregon!

The Co-op is incorporated with cooperative business status in the State of Oregon. Unlike most corporations, shareholders of the Co-op are community members who are investing in their community through grocery store ownership. Through the purchase a $200 member share, and individual becomes a Co-op member-owner. Member-owners have a say in the business decisions the Co-op makes both through voting in elections and by reaching out to the Board of Directors which is composed of elected member-owners who have volunteered to represent the whole body of member-owners. Additionally, the Co-op will return surplus revenue to its members in proportion to how much they use the Co-op through patronage dividends.

Why have hundreds of people in Hillsboro joined the Co-op? A variety of reasons, including the following:

  • The desire for access to healthy, local, sustainable, affordable food.
  • The dream of a walkable, accessible grocery store in Downtown Hillsboro.
  • The hope to keep dollars local by purchasing local products and having profits returned to member-owners.
  • The enjoyment of building community.

Momentum is building, and you can play a part. We hope that you’ll join us!